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Moving into a new home is something that every family looks forward to. You have an opportunity to start fresh in your decorating choices, and you get the chance to put your style forward with fresh paint colors, custom wallpapers, furniture, etc. But before that, you need to decide if you want to buy an already existing property or build a new home.

While buying real estate has its benefits, new home construction is an exciting time in the life of a family. But it’s also a costly and stressful time, filled with many important decisions you should make while considering everyone in the family and their needs. That’s why choosing the right builder is crucial.

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Checklist Before New Home Construction

First impressions are lasting, and it’s possible to avoid regrets even during something as complex as new home construction by following some simple guidelines. Here’s a checklist that can keep your mind at ease when building your new homes:

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Choose A Home Builder Wisely

Construction is not cheap, but having quality work done doesn't mean you need to pay through the nose either. Choosing a reputable company like Remodel Las Vegas is vital because these companies have a history of successful new home construction.

Comfort Is The Name Of The Game

For parents, their children's happiness is paramount. In other words, every member of the family should be involved in the process of building a home. Try to envision where each member wants to be, and make everyone happy by giving them the options they want while also keeping your budget in mind.

Do You Have A Closer?

Nothing will drain your emotional reserves faster than trying to track down subcontractors for minor tasks like hanging pictures or painting walls. If you have someone on staff that can act as the general contractor, it'll take a lot of the pressure off. If you can't hire someone, consider asking a friend or family member for help.

Landscaping And Driveway

Although these two things may seem unimportant, they're significant because they set the tone for the rest of your property and give people an idea about who you are as a person. Keep this in mind when choosing colors. Remember, anything red is risky!

Hire A Designer To Help But Don't Feel Obligated To Follow Their Advice.

You'll be surprised by how different people view new home construction, even if it's their job to ensure it all fits together seamlessly. Be open-minded but also remain true to your personal preferences.

What Our Clients Say

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What to Prepare


When beginning the building process, the first thing you should do is to secure your land and determine what kind of pervious improvements (driveway, septic system) you’ll need on-site. This could take a few weeks to several months, depending on your location. You will also want to develop an elevation map of your lot and sketch out how you’d like your house sited on it, including any walkways or outdoor living areas such as patios.

Work with your builder to develop a preliminary site plan, including house dimensions and any on-site landscaping you want to be included in the plan.


Building permits are required for new construction projects but are not acquired until right before work begins. Your permit applications will include information about you, the property owner, the builder/contractor who will build on your home, and local regulations you’ll need to meet (building codes). You can usually get general building guidelines from your city or county clerk’s office. However, some cities may require an architect or professional engineer to prepare these diagrams for you. The builder/contractor should also give you an idea of what materials will be needed during construction.

Architectural Blueprints

At the beginning of the building process, you will choose an architect who can develop plans with your ideas and local building codes in mind. If you don’t already have an idea for how you want your home constructed, your builder may be able to provide some recommendations. You should also decide if you’d like to hire a professional engineer or contractor/builder for this task (it is possible to do it all yourself, but hiring professionals can speed up the process).

Once your plans are finalized, they’ll need approval from the city, where construction will occur before work on your home begins. This could mean that changes may need to be made along the way. However, all parties must approve everything before you start building.

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From elegant and understated, to minimalistic and eccentric designs, we’ve done a wide variety of unique restroom remodeling jobs. This includes work in commercial as well as residential settings.

With new and exciting faucet and sink combinations being made almost every week, we enjoy going over every possible unique solution that meets your entire vision for your bathroom makeover.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An excellent way to figure out how much your custom-built house will cost is by factoring in at least four major components: hard costs, soft costs, land, and contractor's fee. Many other expenses are associated with constructing a home, but these are often included in the initial estimate or as they arise. Items such as appliances, landscaping, cabinetry, flooring, and roofing materials are usually specified by the homeowner after plans have been finalized. Costs for items like bathrooms and kitchen fixtures, floor coverings, and wall finishes might be figured into an estimate but can be adjusted as the homeowner's tastes and needs change.

It's estimated that it takes one to three months to build a house from the ground up. This assessment seems to be too high or too low, depending on the location and availability of construction materials and labor. With Remodel Las Vegas, we make sure that we involve you in every step of the process until the project is completed.

Major homebuilders construct many homes simultaneously, using a set plan as the basis for each design. The furnishings in a model home are designed to illustrate how different types of furniture will look within the space. Additional factors such as flooring options, fixtures, paint colors can also influence how a room is furnished. Due to these variables, your new home should be filled with furnishings consistent with your personality and lifestyle needs. At Remodel Las Vegas, we strive hard to put your dream home to reality.